Tech Talk with Kevin


Need a Pep talk, call tech talk with Kevin

We all have computer problems; wouldn't it be nice to have your own one on one computer tech by your side?  My goal is to help the people of the New River Valley have a better computer experience.  Don't let Technology frustrate you, make it work for you, and enjoy it.  


Browse my services to get an idea of how I can help you and your family with your computer needs.  If there is a service not listed, please email or call me.  If I’m unable to help, possibly I can point you in the right direction to someone who can.   


I've tried to compare my services and prices with the local big name stores.  Not only will you be able to keep some cash in your wallet, but you will always deal with the same friendly knowledgeable person.  I always offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of my work.  If I fix a computer problem for you and it comes back within a week, I’ll fix it again for free. Let me give you that pep talk that you need. 


Free quotes and in home service are always available in the NRV.